Awe-inspiring women: Tammy Parlour

I met Tammy a few years ago when she commissioned me to take some pictures for her site. That’s when I discovered the fascinating world of hapkido, a Korean martial art, which Tammy has been practising for over 30 years now. Since then we’ve worked together on a video for [...]


Michal Dzierza Visuals on Facebook

This is just a quick note to let everybody know I have a new Facebook page for my video and photography work – Michal Dzierza Visuals. I’ve decided (at last) to separate my private posts from my video and photography updates, which from now on can be found here (was [...]


Beautifully made video about typography

Titles and credits are usually the last thing I add to my videos when I’m ready to wrap up the post-production. And I guess I’m not the only one. I do try to find a good font to match the subject and the mood of the video, but normally end [...]


William Morris’s Red House

Thanks to a flying visit by my cousin – an art historian – last weekend I discovered William Morris’s Arts & Crafts-style Red House in Bexleyheath. Set in the middle of a sprawling, moderately attractive (that’s me being diplomatic) suburban jungle, the Red House was originally built when the area was mostly [...]


Side projects and paragliders

This is my latest video. It’s also my latest side project. It was never planned. I was driving to Beachy Head in East Sussex on a sunny Sunday morning and spotted a bunch of paragliders on the side of a hill. I stopped the car, asked a farmer whether it’s [...]

Working with WST

This post originally appeared on Meehow Media.   In April Meehow Media started working with London-based charity, Women’s Sport Trust, on a new video to highlight WST’s grant recipients. The brief was to show why the three individuals/groups are passionate about what they do as sportspeople and explain how the [...]

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.37.08

Like a bird….

I love unexpected side projects. This one wasn’t even planned. I was driving to Beachy Head last Sunday when I spotted a bunch of paragliders on the side of a hill somewhere in rural East Sussex. I saw a farmer on a field nearby, asked him if it was ok [...]

Train journey into town

There’s no big story behind these photos. I took them last week on the way to a meeting in town. It was a seriously cloudy afternoon and I just loved the gloomy atmosphere. And then there was that guy with the weird face….      


Almost summer

Not sure why, but I completely forgot to post it earlier. Filmed a couple of weeks ago in Richmond. See more of my videos here.

Almost summer

Look down. Then up.

I went to Tate Modern today. To reset my brain. But also to take some pictures. I have been too busy with video projects for clients and needed to change my perspective a bit – and take some stills. There are always some great photo opportunities at Tata. Today was [...]