Rwandan portraits of reconciliation by Pieter Hugo

I can’t remember another recent photographic project that would impact me as much as this one. The New York Times published a series of images taken by Pieter Hugo (known for his portraits of South Africa) in southern Rwanda. He went there to meet some of those who twenty years [...]

Roger Ballen’s Asylum of the Birds

This month Roger Ballen publishes his latest book, Asylum of The Birds. It’s a collection of images taken in a secret location on Johannesburg, South Africa, at a house full of uncaged birds and people. When Roger Ballen visited London almost two years ago, I shot a short film from [...]

Stockimo – or how to sell your iPhone photos

What do you do with your mobile images apart from uploading them to Instagram or Facebook? If you take more than selfies, sunrises and food porn shots, check out Stockimo. Backed by Alamy, Stockimo has been created exclusively with mobile shooters (iPhone only for now) in mind. Their strapline - ”Cash [...]

International Fashion Showcase

London is in the middle of the Fashion Week, and today I visited a showcase for emerging designers from around the world at 180 The Strand. The group exhibition brings 80 designers from countries like Portugal, China, Vietnam, Qatar and Hungary together in this amazing venue. It’s a fascinating site [...]


What’s B-roll?

I was filming a series of tutorials over the weekend and one of the models we worked with asked at one stage: “Guys, you keep talking about ‘B-roll’. What is B-roll?” I gave her some convoluted answer that made a distinction between your main footage and secondary footage or something [...]

I climbed 311 steps and all I got was…

Last Friday was my “explore something new” day. And I’m ashamed to admit that after almost two decades in London, prior to Friday, I had never climbed the 311 steps to the top of Sir Christopher Wren’s Monument on Fish Street Hill. Off to Fish Street Hill I went then. [...]


Creative types

Recently I met a wonderful – and wonderfully talented – man called Dave Walker. Dave draws cute (I hope he doesn’t mind the word ‘cute’) and funny cartoons. And he’s wildly popular. He focuses on two subjects: bicycles and church. Both of which have lots of fans. Dave works in [...]


I bothered some sleeping lions

  OK, no need to call the RSPCA, I paid for it, ok? Also, no need to be worried about my wellbeing – they were only four months old. But there were four of them. (Which means I can now tick “playing with lion cubs” off my bucket list. ) [...]


Chasing the African storms

I’ve recently come back from South Africa, so please excuse the persistently African theme on this blog over the next few days. But to begin with – no lions or any other of the Big 5. Just an African storm. A lightning, in fact. We were very lucky with the [...]

Chasing the storm

2013 – the year when a lot changed

And not always by design. But – to use a cliched saying – ‘change is good’. Even though it may not always seem welcome at first. But I’m jumping ahead of myself. The beginning of the year was relatively quiet. And I’m talking here about my photography and video. On [...]