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Roger Ballen’s Asylum of the Birds

This month Roger Ballen publishes his latest book, Asylum of The Birds. It’s a collection of images taken in a secret location on Johannesburg, South Africa, at a house full of uncaged birds and people. When Roger Ballen visited London almost two years ago, I shot a short film from [...]

My short Roger Ballen film

I was enjoying a coffee in Central London when Niall McDiarmid texted me to see if I was available to film a talk Roger Ballen, the acclaimed American photographer, was about to give in London for Independent London Photography. I said yes. The short film below – shot that evening [...]

A photographer’s journey – James M. Barrett

500px, Google+, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook. We’re bombarded by images daily, many of which are superb. Often their creators are not trained or even experienced photographers. Many of them have done – or still do – something completely different for a living. Others do follow a more traditional path and work [...]

The Art of stealing images

Yesterday, a well-known photographer, Trey Ratcliff, posted his thoughts on watermarking online images. In short, he doesn’t believe in watermarks and he explains why. And it works for him, which I respect. Others responded by explaining why they do watermark their images. There are multiple reasons for that – commercial, [...]

The largest indoor photo – by Jeffrey Martin

I promised myself to stay away from gigapixel images for a while. I’ve written about so many of them on this blog and it almost feels like a catalogue of the biggest and the most impressive gigapixel images. But here is something new. Jeffrey Martin, who kindly answered my questions [...]

How the big boys do it

Have you backed up your pictures recently? Oh, you don’t bother? You’ll do it next week? You’ve got some on a USB stick? Riiiiight…. Got a few minutes? Then see how Chase Jarvis makes sure ALL his images and videos are backed-up and secure forever. Impressive stuff. There is more [...]