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Stockimo – or how to sell your iPhone photos

What do you do with your mobile images apart from uploading them to Instagram or Facebook? If you take more than selfies, sunrises and food porn shots, check out Stockimo. Backed by Alamy, Stockimo has been created exclusively with mobile shooters (iPhone only for now) in mind. Their strapline – “Cash [...]

Adobe Lightroom 5 – five favourite video tutorials

Despite the recent controversy regarding its move to Creative Cloud (and CC’s pricing model), Adobe still produces a fantastic, stand-alone piece of software for photographers, called Lightroom. It’s also part of the Creative Cloud, which is subscription-based, but the standalone-product is more than sufficient for most photographers and also – [...]

Heeeeeeeere’s FLICKR!

In a way I feel like posting this now is a bit pointless as it’s probably been discussed a million times everywhere.  And perhaps your conclusions are similar. But here it is. Flickr is likely to become cool again. There, I said it. OK, it’s clearly been helped by the [...]

Quick tip: how to log in to the (new) Flickr app for iPhone

Something incredible happened last night. Flickr surprised everyone by upgrading its iPhone app. Not *just* updating – upgrading. Revamping. Relaunching as something completely new – and in fact, usable. Yay. That’s when – and if – you can log in. If, like me, you were forcibly logged out during the [...]

Testing image size

Need to use mobile WordPress more, but I have no idea how big mobile images are when published. Let’s see if this breaks the page.   UPDATE: No, it hasn’t broken the page. Yay! I just need to work out how to centre the image while publishing via a mobile [...]

The Telegraph’s picture galleries app for iPad

Another major British newspaper – after The Guardian – is attempting to capitalise on the popularity of Apple’s iPad and the general hunger for good quality photography, including news photography. The Daily Telegraph – which some time ago launched its paid-for iPad edition – has launched its Telegraph Pictures for [...]

Two new(ish) Instagram features I like

I say new(ish) as one of them is definitely new, but the other one might have been around for a while and I have only just spotted it. Since its inception Instagram has been adding one feature here one feature there and slowly has become really robust. The latest update [...]

DSLR pictures on Instagram. Do they bother you?

The iPhone, initially derided for its poor camera quality, has undoubtedly convinced many amateur, semi-professional and professional photographers to expand their photographic horizons. Hundreds of apps, with hundreds of effects, have made quirky, interesting, weird, vintage etc. photography an everyday phenomenon. People have been able to go beyond web-based sites [...]

From Instagram to NCIS: Los Angeles

If you read my previous post about Instagram, you know I’m a convert. It’s a fun app. It offers good value for no money – particularly after the latest update. Now it has also crossed into ‘traditional’ media – television to be more precise. But first, the update. The latest [...]