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Roger Ballen’s Asylum of the Birds

This month Roger Ballen publishes his latest book, Asylum of The Birds. It’s a collection of images taken in a secret location on Johannesburg, South Africa, at a house full of uncaged birds and people. When Roger Ballen visited London almost two years ago, I shot a short film from [...]

What’s B-roll?

I was filming a series of tutorials over the weekend and one of the models we worked with asked at one stage: “Guys, you keep talking about ‘B-roll’. What is B-roll?” I gave her some convoluted answer that made a distinction between your main footage and secondary footage or something [...]

Creative types

Recently I met a wonderful – and wonderfully talented – man called Dave Walker. Dave draws cute (I hope he doesn’t mind the word ‘cute’) and funny cartoons. And he’s wildly popular. He focuses on two subjects: bicycles and church. Both of which have lots of fans. Dave works in [...]


Borough Market and my old iPhone 4S

Shock, horror, a legacy iPhone. Yes, and it’s coping well, thank you very much. I wanted to film something casual with my DSLR yesterday, and ended up at the revamped Borough Market. I admit: the German bratwurst with sauerkraut (20 minutes in the queue) and the raspberry and white chocolate [...]

Filming with Gok Wan for NAT

You know, you pre-plan everything: the shots, the position of the cameras, the lighting, the sound, etc. You do a couple of dry runs in advance. And then everything changes: the venue moves (although we ended up in a nice function room in the end), the lighting is different, the [...]

London 1927

Everybody has been sharing this video today – and once you watch it, you’ll know why. It shows London circa 1927 through the eyes of one Claude Friese-Greene. As the description that came with the video explains, this is “incredible colour footage of 1920s London shot by an early British pioneer [...]

Richard, the Piano Tuner

Every now and then I come across a video that hits me in the face by telling powerful story in a very simple way. Such videos stick with me for a long time after I’ve watched them. And this story of Richard, a piano tuner from London, is one of [...]