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It's been a good week

Petersfield, Hampshire At least for my photography. First, the image I submitted for a project by the New York Times called "Picturing 7 billion" was chosen for their Facebook page. That made my day on Friday. Later that day I got a mention on the Lens blog too, which was great.

The idea behind the project is to create a time capsule for those who were born around the time when we broke the 7 billion people barrier. Time will tell whether my picture - taken during a rather rigorous walk with friends in Petersfield, Hampshire last weekend - will make the cut.

Then another picture I took yesterday outside the British Museum got 'Explored" on Flickr. Not sure what it means - apart from the fact that I was noticed by some Yahoo! algorithm - but it's nice to get all those nice comments anyway.

At least there's something I can now add to my bragging rights.