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Brighton street art

Browsing through my Lightroom catalog I just came across a bunch of photos I took at the end of last year  in Brighton. I was planning to publish them before Christmas, but, well, you know what it's like. brighton street art-3

Most of these have been adorning the buildings along Kensington Street for years, and they  are nothing new, but I still love them.

brighton street art-2

Next time you're in Brighton, skip the pier, go for a walk along the side streets between Trafalgar St and North Rd. Here's what you'll see there. Enjoy.


brighton street art

brighton street art-5


brighton street art-6


brighton street art-7


brighton street art-8


brighton street art-9


THE SCREAM (Brighton version)


brighton street art-11

brighton street art-4