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Jason Kwan - portraits

Jason Kwan is originally from Hong Kong, but lives in London where he works as a glam pop singer, songwriter and performer. If you check his Instagram page, you can find a few clips of Jason performing.

We however met on an unusually chilly (after the recent heatwave) August afternoon in Central London to take a few portraits of Jason. Portraits which by design are different from his more fashion-conscious portraits on Instagram.


We worked using film cameras only - a medium format Pentax 67 and a 35mm camera, my beloved Olympus OM1. Both cameras relied on Kodak Portra 400 to capture those warm pre-sunset tones.


Jason had just returned from Bestival, so this rather unglamorous (by design), pared-down session was a bit of a change for him. 

The images in this post are my favourites from the session.