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Paros, Naxos and the Cyclades at their finest - before the crowds arrive

I have visited the Cycladic Islands in the middle of the gorgeously blue Aegean Sea, many times before. It's a little corner of the planet I'm very familiar with. I have literally thousands and thousands of images from Greece I have taken over the past decade. There is a certain similarity between them, but the places I visit always keep enticing me with more beauty, stillness, incredible light and colours.

So this post summarises - visually at least - my latest trip there, which covered four islands: Naxos, Paros, Antiparos and very briefly Mykonos.

Most of the images in this post were taken on one of these islands, with some taken on the ferries between the islands. And despite the presence of some travellers, particularly on the ferry images, that was Greece at its best: unhurried, uncrowded, warm, quiet and mysterious.

And as much as I try to avoid postcard photography, well, sometimes it's better to throw yourself right in and enjoy the experience.