Michal Dzierza
film | photography
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This is an ongoing digital/social only series exploring Londoners' relationship with the city by asking two simple questions: what do you love and hate about London.

The idea was born out of realisation that many Londoners are frustrated with various aspects of living in the city - commuting, Brexit, galloping property prices, crime, overcrowding - and yet are unable, or unwilling, to do anything about it.

Rather than condensing many findings and answers into one long film, I've decided to give everyone their own space to tell me what they find so irresistible about London and what they could live without. Just two simple questions and one minute to answer them.

Each video will also be slightly different visually, but all will provide an insight into what it is that makes us stay here, what it is that draws so many people to this place and what pushes them away.

Scroll down for sample videos or go to the project's Facebook page to see all videos in the series so far.

Love/Hate/London - Alison Kriel

Love/Hate London - Dan Robb

Love/Hate/London - Gregory Tingay