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Aerial photographs of Heathrow Airport

I took these pictures of Heathrow Airport a few weeks ago on my way to Madrid. Just a few casual snaps from a departing plane. I didn’t do anything with them until I watched Airport Live on BBC Two last night and thought I should dig these out. These should make the plane spotters amongst you happy 😉

The first picture shows Heathrow’s runways, fuel tanks and what I believe is one of Terminal 5’s satellite terminals.

heathrow aerial-2

The full shot of the satellite building is here:

heathrow aerial-3

And here’s Terminal 5 in all its glory:

heathrow aerial-4

And yes, I was glad to be in the air and nowhere near that traffic jam on the M25:

heathrow aerial-5

While waiting to depart I also took a pic of the queuing planes at Heathrow. I’ve added the filters in Lightroom to make it more dramatic, just because the drama of delayed flights and missed connections (long story) wasn’t sufficient:

heathrow aerial-1

The aforementioned delays meant I also had plenty of time in Madrid to take pics inside the terminal, but let’s leave that for another day….

heathrow aerial-6
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