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Can Murray do what Serena Williams did?

Last Saturday was my first time ever on Wimbledon’s Centre Court. And what a day it was. The first person we saw the moment we entered the grounds via Gate 7 was Serena Williams.

serena williams at wimbledon

That was before her match with Jie Zheng, which she won. Obviously. I snapped a few pics of her during training and I’m glad I did as I sat slightly too far from her during the actual match – and I left my long lens at home. Very wise, I know…

Still, I enjoyed the match if not the actual picture-taking:

serena williams at wimbledon 2012

Mind you, there were enough gigantic lenses around – if I *really* wanted to use one, I’m sure I could borrow one from someone.

Apart from the snappers, there were plenty of merry spectators. And I do mean PLENTY. And yes, before you ask, strawberries, cream, champagne and summer hats were all there too:

And in fact we did have proper summer weather, which made the experience on the centre court – and off it – really amazing. I have to say I was very impressed by how well the event was organised and how perfectly everything was choreographed on the court itself during and between the matches.

I’m writing this post a day before Andy Murray’s historic final against six-time champion, Roger Federer. Hope he is as impressive tomorrow as he was last weekend when he played against Marcos Baghdatis. Hope he is British again

andy murray wimbledon 2012
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