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131313 – the story of Gareth Ralphs

For the Ralphs family from Berkshire Christmas changed forever almost 14 years ago. During that difficult time, they received lots of support from friends and family, but also from a local charity called Daisy’s Dream. In the summer of 2011, almost 13 years later, Gareth Ralphs came up with an idea to reciprocate the kindness and do something for the charity itself. He decided to raise money for Daisy’s Dream by running 13 half marathons – each 13-mile long. That’s how the 131313 idea was born.

I spent several months in 2012 documenting some of the half-marathons and speaking to Gareth, Suzy and their son Sam about their experiences.

The following film is a heartbreaking story of a grieving family. But it’s also ultimately an inspirational and an uplifiting story told by people who have found a unique way of coping with their loss.

To support Gareth’s chosen charity – Daisy’s Dream – and to help him reach his target, please go to

Music used in the video:

Poignant Passing by Edward Lampiris Preparing by In The Nursery Shimmer by Kerry Muzzey A Stranger’s Map of Texas by Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles

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