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Screen recording in iOS 11 for #mojo


One of the new iOS 11 features coming soon to iPads and iPhones is likely to be screen recording. Apple’s WWDC 17 keynote didn’t actually mention it, but many developers have already tweeted about the feature. Here’s a brief video overview of the new functionality:

Right now, a few months before the system’s release, it’s impossible to judge how useful the feature will be, what its limitations might be, but as a mobile filmmaker and journalist I really look forward to it. And so should you if you’re into mojo.

The most obvious benefit to journalists working in the field would be the ability to record a FaceTime or a Skype interview and use the (hopefully) high quality footage straight away in whatever you might be filming or editing at that moment.

The video below seems also to suggest that, once recorded, the video can also be annotated.

The iOS 11 screen recording feature may also be useful if a journalist or filmmaker needs to annotate a map or an image, or indeed, another video.  There will no doubt be many other possibilities, let’s just wait till the feature is officially released.

I’ll update this post then.

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