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A photographer’s journey – Paul Clarke

As promised a few weeks ago, here is another inspirational story on how to become a successful photographer. If you are fascinated by photography and would like to turn pro – but don’t know how – Paul Clarke has a few words of encouragement for you. He features in today’s episode of my “A photographers journey” mini-series. Paul told me his story and explained how he became a successful and respected event (but not only) photographer.  He’d worked on somebody else’s images before he decided to invest in professional gear and take pictures, initially as a hobby, at various events.

But expensive gear again is not a prerequisite for great photography. As you will see in the video below, one of his all-time favourite images was taken with his phone.

What I’ve always liked about Paul’s photography is the fact he makes otherwise bland (in some cases at least) events look human. He himself describes what he does as making “art with suits”. And indeed, his images have a soul: human emotions are present, human flaws are not photoshopped out.

And that’s what – I would imagine – makes Paul popular not just as a photographer, but also as a person in general.

You can find more of Paul’s photography on his website, you can also follow him on Twitter. And if you missed the first episode of this series, it’s here.

Coming soon in the same series, a brilliant photographer, Niall McDiairmid.

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