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Always get a window seat

No matter how long you have been taking pictures, there’s always something new you can spot while snapping the world from a plane. But some people are luckier than others. This guy used a tripod and his Canon 5D Mk II, plus a 16-35mm lens, to create a 2-minute timelapse movie during his flight from San Francisco to Paris. It all starts with a few glimpses of San Francisco itself, but then it gets awesome when he captures the Northern Lights:


Although, as you can imagine, it probably wasn’t the easiest timelapse to shoot. On his YouTube page he said:

“Thanks to my neighbors for not minding an SLR click every 2 to 30 seconds for 11 hours, and thanks to the whole Air France flight crew for being insanely friendly and allowing me to shoot.”

And here I was, thinking that the most exciting thing on an overnight flight was the latest episode of 30 Rock.

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