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And now we’ve got 70 gigapixels

Do you remember Dresden? Paris? The first gigapixel panoramic images were exciting. They showed some ingenuity, they were fun to use and play with. Now the gigapixels multiply like rats, but the experience is somewhat diluted. After Paris everything else seems to be focusing on ‘bigger’ and not necessarily ‘better’.

The latest gigapixel project seems to be the biggest produced to date, yet probably even more boring than the experimental Dubai one.

Budapest. A lovely city. Full of great architecture and history. So why photograph it from miles away when visibility is far from perfect? I’m sure the initial idea was great – get a 360-degree panoramic image with the ability to zoom in on the finer detail – but it disappoints. Most of the image shows forests, Budapest itself seems to be too hazy and there’s not that much to explore in terms of quirky sightings.

Still, they did it, I didn’t, so kudos to them.

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