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Beautifully made video about typography


Titles and credits are usually the last thing I add to my videos when I’m ready to wrap up the post-production. And I guess I’m not the only one. I do try to find a good font to match the subject and the mood of the video, but normally end up with something minimalistic. The video below not only shows the evolution of typography in film, but also its importance.

No Film School, where I first saw the video, notes that titles

have the potential to be a tremendously powerful artistic asset to any film. Good title sequences — like those featured on the fantastic blog Art of the Title – are able to encapsulate the themes and subtext of a film through masterful manipulation of the art of typography.

By the way, do have a look at Art of the Title after you’ve watched the video. It’s got some wonderful examples of great opening titles and film credits.

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