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Borough Market and my old iPhone 4S

Shock, horror, a legacy iPhone. Yes, and it’s coping well, thank you very much. I wanted to film something casual with my DSLR yesterday, and ended up at the revamped Borough Market.

I admit: the German bratwurst with sauerkraut (20 minutes in the queue) and the raspberry and white chocolate brownie (5 minutes) sapped my energy and the crowds didn’t help either. I was still determined to film something somewhere though.

The autumnal colours at the market were simply too gorgeous to ignore, but somehow at that stage the prospect of running – sorry, pushing – through the Saturday afternoon crowds with my camera lost its appeal.

So I used the phone instead. Lighter, easier, quicker. We both lasted 20 minutes. Then a couple of hours in FCPX and here’s the result.

And yes, for my next weekend project I’ll choose somewhere less busy.

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