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Brighton Marina welcomes you

Brighton Marina. Sounds exciting, eh? It’s actually a nice place – full of boats, restaurants, bars and people. But how do those people get there, you ask? Well, they can drive. Or, like me, they can walk. The last option is however only for the brave. And not just because of the distance from the centre of Brighton. Oh, no.

On a sunny day it’s a nice, 30-minute stroll along the pebbly beach. But nothing prepares you for the sheer ugliness of the place. Cause if you’re a pedestrian, you walk through some of the coldest, ugliest and unfriendliest public space you are likely to experience, before you reach the above-mentioned bars for a well-deserved pint. Cars approach the marina via a series of bridges leading straight to a multi-storey car park.

It’s a different story though if – instead of driving –  you walk from Brighton itself.

First you pass a piece of no-man’s land. It’s partly fenced-off and fugly. There’s no better way of describing it.

Then you negotiate the lovely concrete tunnel…

…before finding yourself in the middle of a car-park (with a car-washing facility in the corner). From there, the quickest way to the Marina leads via, yes, you’ve guessed it, another car park. It’s the multi-storey one I mentioned earlier.

And unless you go to the cinema (on the other side of the car park), you need to walk (no lifts, but maybe that’s actually good) to the 4th floor as this is the only level from which you can access all the bars and restaurants.

According to Wikipedia, a planning application to redevelop the west side of the Marina was submitted four years ago and subsequently refused. Those who opposed the redevelopment claimed it would spoil the views and called it inappropriate. There was a separate plan to redevelop the eyesore, but it was put on hold too.

As a consequence, Brighton has been left with this monstrosity which even on a warm and sunny day looks cold, unattractive and uninviting.

Brighton Marina. Sounds exciting, eh?

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