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Chasing the African storms


I’ve recently come back from South Africa, so please excuse the persistently African theme on this blog over the next few days. But to begin with – no lions or any other of the Big 5. Just an African storm. A lightning, in fact.

Chasing the storm

We were very lucky with the weather, it was hot over Christmas and New Year. But there were a couple of days with really heavy storms. We watched from out hut in the bush as they majestically swept over the plains only to dump what seemed like an entire ocean of water over us a few hours later.



At night however all we saw was lightning on the horizon. It never came close (which explains why the images are so distant), but the spectacle was breathtaking anyway.


I had never tried to capture lightning, so it took a lot of patience – and experimentation. I must have taken hundreds of images, of which only a handful were usable. Out of which one or two are ok.

Quite often though I would miss the actual lighting by a split second. But the afterglow (or whatever the actual term for this is) still looked magical:


Then on a clear night the sky offered a completely different type of show. The Milky Way Show.

But that’s a different story…


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