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Creative types

Recently I met a wonderful – and wonderfully talented – man called Dave Walker. Dave draws cute (I hope he doesn’t mind the word ‘cute’) and funny cartoons. And he’s wildly popular. He focuses on two subjects: bicycles and church. Both of which have lots of fans.

Dave works in a small studio/office in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, with a beautiful and calming view on the Thames Estuary. I wrote more about the video and Dave on Meehow, but this is the latest instalment in my occasional series on talented people. Initially it was called “A photographer’s journey” as it focused on photographers only. But I’ll be including other talented people in future episodes, hence the new name for the series: “Creative types”.

If you missed the previous videos/interviews, here’s the full list:

Roger Ballen (video)

Adde Adesokan (interview/pics)

Przemek Wajerowicz aka From The Upper Deck (interview/pics – and here’s his new book)

Oleg Gutsol of (interview)

And here’s the latest video in the series – time to meet Dave and his lovely cartoons. Enjoy!

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