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Creative types: Rob Lowe aka Supermundane


I first met Rob several years ago and already back then he was a kind of a cult figure. Drawing funny characters, creating simple, but beautiful visual treats, using curved lines and lots of imagination. Since then he’s started his own studio and became a successful artist creating a wide range of pieces: from museum installations to awesome Nutella jar designs, to visual identification for brands and businesses. He’s had many exhibitions and his south London studio – packed with his creations – is a testament to his versatility as an artist.

Rob, known to his fans as Supermundane,  loves his lines, both curvy and straight. He can create amazingly complex, almost three-dimensional drawings from them, but also very simple, geometrical abstract images.

But as he says in his video, they all might have a ‘darker side’.

Oh, and the name Supermundane? It has something to do with a kettle factory…

Here’s Rob and after watching the video scroll down for previous Creative Types:

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