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Dear London, will you dance for me?

I recently shot a music video for a British-Norwegian band, Casa Murilo. Not my first venture into the music video world, but definitely my first where I was in total control of the project. I loved the track (called ‘Drive’) and I’ve managed to convince them to ditch their original idea of shooting a lyric video. We’ve decided to produce something without the band, without even any specific actors, but with lots of movement. I tried to build a narrative by constantly switching the pace of the video from normal to super fast to super slow. Has it worked? You’ll be the judge.

But apart from everything else, this was also my chance to create a tribute to two other things as well. ‘Drive’ is a tribute to the city that has been my home for almost two decades. Grand and overwhelming, but also scruffy and a bit rough around the edges. Super hectic and noisy, but also charming and surprisingly beautiful at its most mundane. Full of contrasts, and grey at the same time.

Secondly, this video was a (kind of) tribute to my other passion, street photography. I’ve revisited some of my favourite spots, discovered some new ones in the process and ended up with tons of ideas for other projects.

The slow motion bits were filmed using Sony FS700 at either 100 fps or 240 fps, the same camera was used for the timelapse and most of the normal speed shots. A couple of shots were done using Canon 5D Mark II and I also used my iPhone for a few sequences within the video. Two of which were shot using Instagram’s Hyperlapse app. I’ll let you guess which ones.

Here’s the same video on the band’s official YouTube channel, hope the newly released record does well.

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