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Dubai in 45 gigapixels disappoints

Every few months I write about a new gigapixel panoramic site and every time the number of gigapixels increases substantially.

First we had Dresden in 26 gigapixels, followed by this equally huge panoramic image of Paris.

Now the gigapixels have nearly doubled to 45 and the next destination to get its gigapixel treatment is Dubai.

Dubai sounds like a great idea, however from where the picture was taken it looks like the most depressing place on earth. Half-built skyscrapers dominate the picture (are thy still being built? or have they been abandoned when Dubai’s economic problems started?) – and the whole landscape looks barren and hazy.

The photographer, Gerald Donovan, admits that

“this was only ever intended to be a technical test – I’m making no claims with regards photographic quality or artistic merit!”

I’m always full of admiration for photographers who come up with those ideas and then painstakingly execute them.

But was this worth it? Not really. The images – taken with Canon 7D and the 100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 zoom lens –  are hastily stitched together.  The quality of the final image is therefore compromised. But hopefully the fact it was just a test means there’s something more – and better – to come. Luckily, Gerald has taken some more stunning pics of Dubai – see his portfolio here.

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