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Dungeness at twilight


I was doing a bit of location scouting last weekend and ended up in Dungeness just before sunset. (That’s an achievement for me as I’ve been planning the Dungeness trip for ages and ended up there almost by accident.) It was freezing cold and almost empty, which made the normally bleak landscape even bleaker. But also so much easier to explore. The only other people I saw had cameras and tripods with them and were as determined as I was to capture the beauty of the landscape on a freezing afternoon.

The images below were all taken with the fabulous Fuji X100s, handheld, with no flash.

All were retouched using Lightroom 5, and only one of them is an HDR image (pretty easy to work out which one). This was the first time I took a multiple exposure image with the Fuji and the result surprised me. Particularly when you consider the fact I didn’t use a tripod for this.

But anyway, back to Dungeness itself, I’m already planning my next trip there and need your help: what else is worth photographing/filming in the area apart from the power station, Derek Jarman’s over-photographed cottage and the lighthouse?


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