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Editing images without Photoshop

Here’s a quick tip for the New Year. If you cannot afford – or don’t want to use – Photoshop, and find Gimp too cumbersome, here’s another alternative to both of them, but also Picasa and many other similar image editing tools. If you are using Chrome as your browser, and have a reliable internet connection, go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Advanced Image Editor by Aviary. (If you’re not familiar with Aviary and their products, see here.)

If you have used their Phoenix online editor before, you’ll recognse the interface. It’s very simple, like a stripped-down version of Photoshop, but powerful enough to perform more than just the most basic functions.

You can import your images from sites like Flickr, then work on them using layers, over 30 different editing tools, filters and effects. And all that in your browser, without the need to download any software to your machine. Which means that, if you sync your Chrome settings between all your machines, you can access the same tool(s) anywhere.

Here’s a short video showing what you can do with AIE for Chrome. Impressive, eh?

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