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Filming with Gok Wan for NAT

You know, you pre-plan everything: the shots, the position of the cameras, the lighting, the sound, etc. You do a couple of dry runs in advance. And then everything changes: the venue moves (although we ended up in a nice function room in the end), the lighting is different, the script gets modified and your time with the talent is cut from 1-1.5 hours to 40 minutes.

That’s what  happened when I filmed a short promo for National AIDS Trust with Gok Wan. Despite the changes, it was a great experience and Gok Wan was super professional and fun to work with.

He tweaked the script prepared by the charity and turned it into a kind of a self-parody, which worked well.

It was a super-fast production – all done in 40 minutes with 3 set changes! I’m sure there are lessons there for me – plenty I suppose – but let’s leave them for another post. This is all about Gok and the red ribbons. Buy one if you haven’t yet:

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