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Hampshire frozen in time (capsule)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the New York Times had chosen a picture I took at the beginning of November during a weekend away in Petersfield, Hampshire to promote their “A world at 7 billion” project on their Facebook page. The paper wanted to create a time capsule for those who were born around the time when we broke the 7 billion people barrier and looked for submissions from all over the world. That picture, even though not my typical urban shot, was the only relatively decent – and vaguely relevant – one I took around that time.

I’m pleased to see it made the final selection and – along with many others – will now be preserved in a time capsule for those who were born at the end of 2011.

And when they grow up, what will they see when they look back at the recession-ravaged English corner of the world at odds with the rest of the European Union? This:

And if you live in or around Petersfield, pick up a copy of the Petersfield Herald today. They were very excited to discover their town had made it onto the pages of the New York Times…

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