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I fell in love with a pole


Well, not just one…. You know what they say – when taking pictures in the street, look up to see more interesting things. (They do say that, don’t they? DON’T THEY?)

In any case, never has it been more true than during my Greek holiday last month. We all know and love the quaint beauty of narrow Greek streets (I’m talking here about the Cycladic fishing villages, rather than Athens city centre), but have you ever looked up?

I was endlessly fascinated by the omnipresent, tangled telegraph posts, telephone poles, whatever you want to call them.

Mostly wooden structures, battered over the decades by the strong Meltemi winds, they stand tall, carrying electricity and Facebook updates via the cables on top, and serving as notice boards (mostly death notices and tourist accommodation) at street level.

Sometimes it was all bout the beauty of the lines, like here:


In most cases though, I was fascinated by the complexity of it all:

photo (3)


The occassional dual-purpose use was just the icing on the cake:


But largely, I was fascinated by how these structures have become an essential and inseparable part of the landscape.

And rather than spoiling it, they actually add some ‘beauty’ to it. Or is it just me?



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