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International Fashion Showcase


London is in the middle of the Fashion Week, and today I visited a showcase for emerging designers from around the world at 180 The Strand. The group exhibition brings 80 designers from countries like Portugal, China, Vietnam, Qatar and Hungary together in this amazing venue. It’s a fascinating site – an old office space converted into a (temporary?) gallery, opposite the Australian High Commission and the old BBC World Service headquarters, Bush House.

I know as much about fashion as I do about space exploration, but I was fascinated by some of the designs – and the venue.


Then there were other, less intricate designs, like this minimalistic set by Jo Nurm from Estonia:


Jo kindly agreed to pose for me with her multipurpose garments, which are created to be adjusted and transformed to avoid excess supply in life. How refreshing.

The two floors of the brutalist building in The Strand have been used by the London Fashion Week since 2009. I’m not sure whether the light installation is a permanent feature, but I love how it guides visitors from the ground floor to the first floor.


Oh, and did I mention I loved their space rocket-style heaters?


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