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Leaving Bush House This week my former employer, BBC World Service, is celebrating its 80th anniversary, but also preparing to leave its iconic headquarters in Bush House in Central London.

I had the privilege of working in Bush House as a journalist for several years before the axe fell on many sections, and before parts of the building turned into ghost newsrooms.

This year the whole building will turn into a ghost town as the remaining World Service staff relocate to the newly-built BBC hub in Regent St.

The building itself will go back to its Japanese owners – with its grand marble staircases, frayed carpets, endless warrens of corridors, makeshift studios, unique memories and snippets of thousands of political and social debates these walls have witnessed over the years.

Owain Rich has captured some of those memories, and some of the building’s beauty, in this beautiful and – for me at least – very moving video.

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