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Like a bird….

I love unexpected side projects. This one wasn’t even planned. I was driving to Beachy Head last Sunday when I spotted a bunch of paragliders on the side of a hill somewhere in rural East Sussex. I saw a farmer on a field nearby, asked him if it was ok to use his field to film for a bit and spent maybe 20 minutes trying to capture the beauty of paragliding.

As this wasn’t pre-planned, I didn’t have a wide variety of equipment on me. Just my camera, one zoom lens and a tripod. But it was sufficient.

I wasn’t sure the footage would be usable as it was a very bright morning and the light was very harsh, but I think I was lucky with the visuals – I love the opening sequence and the two planes at 1’13”. Sadly, the three cute sheep didn’t make the cut:


Next time I’ll see if I can pluck up the courage to actually fly one of those things. With my camera, of course. Now that would be cool.

Music: Ember by Podington Bear

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