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London weather in 5 pictures (plus what happens to pigeons when it rains)


It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon in March, I had just left the Royal Academy in London’s Piccadilly having seen the Russian Revolution exhibition, when the skies opened and people started running for cover. The intensity of the deluge was incredible – and it took many people by surprise. Including me.

But I also saw a brilliant opportunity to take a few pictures of the mayhem – and mayhem it was as the rain turned into hail sending ever more panicked Londoners and tourists alike in search of shelter.

I took out my camera, which at that time had a manual focus 85mm prime lens attached to it, and started shooting both the traffic as well as the pedestrians. With no umbrella or anything to protect my camera.

I threw my scarf over the top of the camera and – trying to avoid running people and double-deckers going through puddles – tried to shoot as much as I could. Manual focus right there right then wasn’t ideal (my camera was prepared for some filming later on), but we managed.





And a bonus shot. Ever wondered how pigeons shelter from the rain?

Here’s how:

london pigeon

london pigeon

And don’t be fooled by the sunshine and dry-looking wall. It did stop raining literally a few seconds before I took that picture.

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