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My changing habits

I’ve been travelling a bit recently, so to make up for the long silence on this blog, I’ll be writing a few travel-related posts on here over the next couple of weeks. Things I’ve learned, noticed and photographed. Maybe a video or two too, but don’t hold your breath.

One thing that has become very obvious is my relationship with all the social platforms I’ve been using to post my images.

Until recently, it’s been just Flickr and this blog. And Twitter, but it mostly helped me – among other things – direct others to my images on other platforms, rather than publish the images themselves. (Facebook to a degree too, although I never upload my photos directly to Facebook as a rule, except for some mobile pictures).

Nowadays however, I increasingly use Flickr to post an image or two from a particular session – maybe a few more, if they’re good enough – but publish larger galleries on Google+.

Flickr hasn’t moved on for years. As a basic sharing tool it’s still good, despite the permanent chorus of complaints. Yes, it’s clunky, inflexible, but still serves its purpose. is stunning, but it also doesn’t have certain features I’d like, like albums. I also don’t think my images are artistic enough to feature there. I’m simply not interested in this kind of photography.

Google+ however combines the social aspect of Flickr with ease of use and certain functionality that’s missing from Flickr. It’s easier to upload – and share – an entire album or just a single image from it. It’s more lively and I find it easier to connect with other photographers on there than I do on Flickr. I wrote about Google + soon after I joined and I guess most of that is still true.

Yes, I know, it does come with its own baggage (real name issues, multiple Google account fuck-ups, copyright issues etc.), but for now it’s winning over Flickr for me. Your experience may differ.

BTW, if you click on the above image, you can see the rest of my Valencia set on Google+. And while there, why not say hello….

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