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Pablo Delgado’s tiny people in Spitalfields

I came across images of Pablo Delgado’s tiny people a few days ago. They seemed like a cool project: plenty of tiny paste-ups of doors, people and objects on walls all over Spitalfields. Yesterday I took my camera to find them and take a few pictures.

They’re not easy to spot: they are tiny and they lurk on walls, close to the pavement, in many, often unusual places.

I don’t think they are officially called “Tiny People”, but it’s a name that’s been used on many blogs and I like it. The artist himself calls them “Solos”, “Doors Around”, “Couples & Triplets” and – my favourite one – “Putitas”. Or “Tiny prostitutes”.

The first “Putitas” I found were in Jerome Street. This image shows their real size:

Pablo Delgado Putitas

The same “Putitas” but a bit closer:

Pablo Delgado Putitas

But my absolute favourite was this gem hidden on a wall behind the Truman’s Brewery building:

I love how Delgado also makes sure most of his pieces have a ‘shadow’.

According to the artist’s website, the tiny doors come from all over the world and he initially pasted around fifty of them. This one was found on a building in Princelet Street, just off Brick Lane:

Others can be seen in Hanbury Street, Heneage St and in other places in Spitalfields. Searching for Delgado’s work led me to some other accidental discoveries at pavement level like this mini-sculpture on a wall in Wilkes Street:

To see more images of Pablo Delgado’s tiny people, see my set on Flickr:

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