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Silent World by Lucie & Simon

This is as spooky and possibly unsettling as it is awesome. Street photography as you’ve never seen it before. Two Paris-based photographers, Lucie and Simon, produced a series of images from four major cities – Paris, New York, Rome and Beijing – but without the usual crowds, without any cars and, ultimately, without any life.

Some images do feature people, but usually just one lonely person, two or three in a handful of cases, which only adds to the overall sense of gloom and unease.

“In the Silent World project, we wanted to study and transform our world’s most symbolic metropolises (New York, Beijing, Paris, Rome) into imaginary, fictional, impossible places,” Simon and Lucie say about their project. And I guess they succeeded.

See the entire series on their website or watch the video below (although I prefer the images, it’s easier to spend more time studying each location).

This short “before and after” clip shows a busy junction in smoggy Beijing and helps understand how the images were created:

If you like their work, make sure to check their previous, equally (or at times even more) unsettling project, called Earth Vision.

Now, if only someone visualised Victoria Station in London without any people…

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