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Spammers and my morality

We all know the usual Vi@gra, Ciali$ etc spam subject lines. We automatically delete them. We’re sophisticated enough – well, some of us – to distinguish between a genuine bank email and a promise of a windfall from a forgotten relative we never really knew existed in Nigeria.

We are also used to random ‘free sexy pix, click here’ messages we get via various instant messengers.

So it was probably only a matter of time before spammers realised they needed to try a bit harder to grab our attention and make us click on a link of a dubious origin.

I have just received a spam message which quite simply appealed to my morality and suggested that my actions regarding this message would be a clear indication of my personality. Or to be more precise, of how rude I am. A morality lesson from a spammer? Must be a first.

“This is spam. But if you don’t want to be among the 95% of rude and ignorant users, help us and click on this link,” it read.

Very honest from the start. And then this appeal to your consciousness – ‘help us’! Was tempted to click, of course. Not out of guilt, just to see what exactly they were trying to install on my machine or what it was they were trying to flog.

I didn’t. Followed my usual pattern of behaviour in such circumstances. But how many people did fall for that?

Still, almost liked them.

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