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Too soon…

This is a picture of my former colleague, Pawel Krotoski, who died last night following a stroke. We both worked in the same BBC World Service newsroom, we both recorded shows together. We were both made redundant at the same time. He went off to explore the world, I was worrying about what to do next.

He couldn’t care less. I don’t know that many people who’ve experienced that much in such a short space of time. He went to live in Mexico and Thailand among other places. From Thailand he sent a short Skype message to another mutual colleague, Greg, who took the above picture. In it he said: “I’m living on a small island, not moving much. There are hammocks and beaches. Keep well, don’t let the cunts get you, they always know how to spoil your mood, you know my friend…”

That’s how I want to remember him: careless, carefree, with a cheeky smile and a fuck-you-all attitude.

He was only 36.

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