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Summer 2013 in pics, part 1

It’s been a good summer for photography of all kinds. There has been no single theme or focus, but there have been a few pictures I’ll always associate with the summer of 2013. Here’s a small selection. This has for some reason become my most popular image on Flickr ever: taken in Hackney Wick during Hackney Wicked, a celebration of local artists and their studios. In the first 24 hours since I uploaded it to Flickr, the image was viewed 7500 times and favourited 337 times. Who knew old tyres were so popular.


And the second most popular one was this one:


Taken at the beginning of the summer in Chinatown where I spotted a brightly-dressed man with a pipe. A brief conversation revealed he was a Polish writer enjoying a short stay in London. I asked him to pose for me – which he reluctantly did – and this is probably my favourite images from that impromptu session.

The Polish theme continues as the next two images were taken in Krakow, during a short weekend break in this lovely and welcoming city with my friends.

These stairs led to our apartment and will always remind me of the magic of that place:


And this is where we took shelter during a sudden and violent thunderstorm, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. Check out that post for more images from the Alchemia Cafe:

Strong coffee

And now back to London.

This is King’s Boulevard – a pedestrianised street that connects Kings Cross and St Pancras with Goods Way. Largely still a building site, hence the leafy fence.

Welcome to my garden

But summer is not over yet. I’ll be reminiscing more soon. Part 2 is on its way.

P.S. What’s your favourite?

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