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The Aegean – an iPhone 6 film


Towards the end of 2014 I travelled several times across the mind-blowingly stunning Aegean Sea between Athens and the Cycladic Islands. Each time I filmed some footage using just my iPhone 6, hoping to be able to edit it into something meaningful later. I had other video gear on me, but wanted to see how the iPhone will cope with the conditions. And cope it did. Suffice to say, no tripod was used (I tried my gorilla pod a couple of times, but each time the strong winds won). The footage was edited in FCPX and – save for two short clips – wasn’t colour corrected or otherwise adjusted. Some additional stabilisation was added to the already impressively smooth footage. By which I don’t mean my hands are a replacement for a sturdy tripod, just the iPhone 6’s stabilisation proved to be pretty awesome once more.

During the crossings I witnessed some beautiful sunrises, lots of cloudporn and a storm that reminded me no ship is safe when the sea gets really angry.

So here is my short tribute to the beauty of the Aegean and the Greek landscape. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

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