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The best iPhone 4S video so far

Just don’t roll your eyes. Yes, the latest iPhone does have a really impressive 8-megapixel camera capable of shooting HD video. Get over it. After the initial avalanche of let-me-be-the-first-to-show-you-how-good-it-is videos and images, first *really* impressive iPhone 4S videos begin to emerge. Like this one, called “Framed”.

There’s a mini story, very lovely cinematography and the filmmakers relied on the iPhone’s image stabilisation to make the shots look really smooth. They also relied on an additional Glidetrack slider and a tripod for smooth panning shots and movement.

The film was edited in Final Cut Pro (you can’t do more than some basic edits on your iPhone, unless it’s some casual footage) with some Magic Bullets colour grading. Which is what you would do with footage from other, more ‘professional’ cameras. The iPhone has now joined their ranks.

I’ll say it again: get over it.

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