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The Italian Scooter

This was my favourite activity while in Italy. Watching the locals on their scooters. No, seriously. They do everything while driving: they smoke, chat on their mobiles and look after their dogs. They allow children to drive (well, almost), cram whole families onto the back seat, yet their passengers feel completely relaxed (they must have a lot of patience, those passengers, and a firm belief in the driver’s abilities).

Shopping by scooter? Easy. Moving furniture? Or plants? No problem. A tourist with a huge case? Piece of cake.

This was a constant source of amazement and laughter.

Please click here (or on any of the images within this post) to see the whole album on my Google+ profile – I encourage you to click on the thumbnails within the album to see the images in greater detail.

Trust me, it’s worth it. (alternatively scroll down here for a video slideshow).

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