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The largest indoor photo – by Jeffrey Martin

I promised myself to stay away from gigapixel images for a while. I’ve written about so many of them on this blog and it almost feels like a catalogue of the biggest and the most impressive gigapixel images.

But here is something new. Jeffrey Martin, who kindly answered my questions about his gigantic panoramic image of London, has published another stunning image. But this time it was taken indoors.

The Strahov Library is a very impressive – and historically very important – building in Prague. (I know all that because I Googled it, just to be clear). There are over 200 thousand old prints and manuscripts dating back to the 9th century (yes, Google again).

The image itself, at ‘only’ 40 gigapixels, is half the size of the London photograph Jeffrey took last year, but he captured many of those fine architectural and printed gems in great detail:

As always with those images, you can zoom in on many details – from individual books:

to lovely frescos which – due to their nature – can never be scrutinised in real life for more than a couple of minutes without making you dizzy:

You can read more on the project Jeffrey Martin’s blog.

The 40-gigapixel library image itself is here. Great job, Jeffrey!

And thanks to @anniemole for the tip.

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