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Two new tools for video makers of all abilities

Woah. How do you keep up? Just days after Apple released its latest iPhone, the 4S, Canon announces its latest high-end DSLR, the EOS 1 D X. No, they probably won’t compete, but in terms of video, both the consumers and the pros have just been given two extraordinary tools. There are two links you should explore if you want to know why.

The first one is this really mind-blowing (in terms of the unexpected outcome) comparison video, where Canon 5D Mark II’s footage  is compared side by side with iPhone 4S’s HD output.

Yes, I know – the latter is in no way a replacement for the former, but even with its really basic controls (AF/AE lock and image stabilisation), the iPhone achieves stunningly good results. Professional filmmakers won’t swap the 5D for the 4S, that’s for sure (although many will no doubt experiment with it – and the results can be amazing), but amateurs on a budget and video enthusiasts have now a really powerful tool in their hands. No wonder the phone is likely to become Apple’s fastest-selling gadget ever. (refresh the page if the vid below doesn’t load)

At the opposite end of the spectrum – where the professional crowd gathers – we have Canon’s latest creation, the 1D X – yours for £5299 on pre-order. Here’s a camera which dramatically improves on what Canon’s high-end DSLRs already had to offer, but also adds solid (although not groundbreaking) video capabilities.

DP Review does a good job of analysing the major features of the upcoming camera, but what you really want to read is Dan Carr’s 10 Awesome Things About The Canon EOS 1D X You Might Not Know. A dual CF card slot, automatic movie file creation (to bypass the 4GB CF card limit), on-screen audio levels – just a few features many film makers will welcome with open arms. (Although the 5D Mk II and 7D still remain fantastic – and much cheaper – alternatives for most DSLR video makers).

There’s no doubt that shooting stunning video – at least technically stunning – will now be much easier than ever before.

This is exciting.

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