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Which Canon lens to choose?

How many times have you asked yourself this question (assuming that you own a Canon camera)? We all want to spend our money wisely and read endless reviews and comparisons, search for the best prices and pray that the next Lotto ticket solves all our photography kit problems. Actually, the last one might be just me, but never mind. I don’t have sufficient knowledge of all Canon lenses, but filmmaker Michael Gebben found someone who does. On his website has posted a video in which a Canon guy compares seven prime lenses currently produced by Canon.

It was filmed during a recent workshop in New Orleans which was sponsored by Canon and it was clearly made with filmmakers in mind.

The quality of most of those lenses is stunning. My favourite is the 50mm f1.2 lens. Sharp, ultra-fast and ultra-desirable.

I won’t check its price for now. Will wait for that Lotto win.

Video found via Canon Filmmakers.

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