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Daybreak – is anyone surprised?

Daybreak, which replaced GMTV, allegedly lost a fifth of its audience in a week. Is anyone surprised? The endless gossip pieces about Chiles and Bleakley must have given someone at ITV a false sense of the pair’s worth. Neither of the new presenters is talented, established or – on a more human level – approachable enough (in my opinion at least), to guarantee the show the audiences its creators expect.

Personally I cannot stand Christine Bleakley and her constant pouting, weird intonation and big smile which she uses to make up for deficiencies in other departments.

Adrian Chiles was unable to ask the policeman blinded by Raoul Moat any sensible questions this morning. He actually struggled to ask him anything.

Say what you want about GMTV and Andrew Castle’s interviewing techniques, but Daybreak is not a patch on its predecessor.

Breakfast TV is a notoriously difficult spot. Audiences hate changes. Particularly if they’re drastic.

I think ITV is about to discover that now.

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