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Instagram gets a refresh – aka Instagram v 2.0

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of Instagram – released today – do so. They have reworked the app to give it a new interface, improve functionality  and add some new filters. What’s more, all filters now come with live preview.

The previous update also enabled users to add selective blur, but the experience wasn’t great. Now, the tilt-shift functionality has been improved and adding selective blur has been made really easy and fast.

You can also decide whether to use frames or not, plus you can rotate images, which was impossible before.

You will now be able to save all Instagram images in high resolution on your phone. Until now, IG images were 612x612px in size, from today you can save  1936x1936px images on the iPhone 4 or  1536×1536 on the iPhone 3GS. More importantly, the high-res images are only available to you and won’t be available in the same resolution via third-party apps or sites using Instagram’s API, giving you more control over your images.

More on today’s release on Instagram’s blog.

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