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It’s official!

This has been  the longest move in history. But it’s done. My lovely domain has been disused and criminally neglected for a couple of years while I was focussing on other projects. But enough is enough. From now on all my photography-, social media- and journalism-related content, until yesterday spread across various sites, will reside in one place. Most of it on this blog.

I will still keep some micro-blogs, either Posterous or Tumblr or both. These will come useful when I want to share just a single picture, perhaps a quote or a silly vid.

This blog will focus on some more substantial content. I have a couple of good photographers lined up to share their experiences and images, I’m hoping to concentrate on the impact of social media on photography and journalism. And the other way round.

And, as I’ve written a few blogs in my life, I know it’s a bit irresponsible to promise daily updates.

But the most important thing is – I’m back. Welcome.

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