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Time for a refresh

You may have noticed that this site has changed a bit recently. I’ve decided to make my images more prominent, something I should have done long time ago. The blog stays as it was, I’ve just added new galleries using the Photocrati template. The previous galleries were frankly a bit pathetic.

The new template is more flexible, so it’ll be easier to modify both the home page (which until recently redirected to this blog) and grow my galleries, which were quite difficult to navigate.

So what’s new? Apart from the new template and homepage, I’ve added a more flexible Photography page, which contains links to my ‘category’ albums, like Street Photography, Urban Photography, People, Travel and Studio. The last one was absent from the old gallery, but I’m enjoying studio photography more and more, so this album will grow over the next few months.

At last, there is also space for topical, or one-off, galleries, like the current Sorrento Men one.

A separate video page for my video projects is coming soon. Videos from others will still regularly appear on this blog too.

Other changes include an improved navigation, which now has links to my Google+ profile, my 500px portfolio, my Tumblr and Flickr pages. If I haven’t added you to my contacts there – and you think I should – give me a shout.

A few bits and pieces are still work in progress on this site, but if you find the font difficult to read, images slow to load or if something else annoys you, doesn’t work etc., do let me know in the comments below.

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