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Just what the doctor ordered


I met Rupert during an event organised by our mutual friends a couple of years ago. We had a long chat about films, documentaries and Rupert mentioned he’d love to create a short film too. Earlier this year we had a chat and I convinced Rupert to tell his story on camera. It’s an incredible story of personal drama, adversity, persistence and vision.

This 6-minute short documentary we filmed with Rupert barely scratches the surface. His life story – out of necessity shortened here to just a couple of minutes and originally told in vivid detail and with true emotion – would be sufficient for a much longer film, perhaps even a feature. His vision for the future of the public health service is informed and shaped by his past experiences. And in itself it would make a great full-length documentary.

I hope Rupert’s next dream – a TED talk – materialises soon and helps him spread the word about his work even further.

For now, I’ll leave you with this incredible and very personal story told by a man who’s trying to use his own past to change the future.

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